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Saturday 1 May

Gulflight oil tanker. First US ship attacked without warning, torpedoed and damaged by U.30 off Scillies, Captain and two crew killed.

HMS RECRUIT: destroyer, C-class, c63 crew, Pennant No.N.60, Nore Defence Flotilla, Cdr Charles Wrightson. Torpedoed amidships at 1120 by UB.6 39 ratings lost, four officers and 22 men saved by passing Dutch steamer.

HMT COLUMBIA, Admiralty trawler, auxiliary patrol vessel, Admiralty No.200, Canadian Lt-Cdr Walter Hawthorn RNR. Torpedoed fired by A.6 off North Hinder LV. total of 3 officers and 13 ratings lost, Lt Hawthorn and two men were picked up as POW’s, but lost when A.2 and A.6 were sunk.

HMT Barbados, Admiralty trawler, minesweeper, Lt Sir James Domville. badly damaged by gunfire; Lt Domville and the skipper wounded.

EDALE: Torpedoed by U.30

Sunday 2 May

HMS Albion, battleship, Canopus-class, badly by Turkish gunfire from Asiatic; one man DOW.

HMS Prince George, Majestic-class, was holed on the waterline by a 6in shell from the Asiatic batteries.

ST LOUIS No.1, Sunk by U.39 (Walter Forstman):

SUNRAY, Sunk by U.39 (Walter Forstman):

ST GEORGE, Sunk by U.41 (Claus Hansen):

MARTABAN, Sunk by U.41 (Claus Hansen):crew reached Stonehaven after rowing for 17hr

MERCURY Sunk by U.41 (Claus Hansen):

CRUISER, Sunk by U.41 (Claus Hansen): 4 lives lost including skipper.

Monday 3 May

SCOTTISH QUEEN, trawler, Captured by U.39 (Walter Forstmann), :

HERO, sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess).

NORTHWARD HO!, sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess).

IOLANTHE sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess).

COQUET, 9 crew, Skipper Odell, sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess).

PROGRESS, sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess).

HECTOR sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess).

BOB WHITE, sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess)

UXBRIDGE, trawler, sunk by mine

MINTERNE, sunk by U.30 (Erich von Rosenberg-Grusczski)

Tuesday 4 May

RUGBY, sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess)

Wednesday 5 May

SCEPTRE, Sunk by U.30 (Walther Forstmann)

STRATON Sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess)

Thursday 6 May

HMS Comet H-class, 2nd DF Grand Fleet AND

HMSNemesis, H-class, 2nd DF Grand Fleet. In collision, Nemesis "seriously damaged"; no casualties.

HMS Lennox, L-class, 3rd DF, rammed accidently by seaplane carrier; no casualties

TRURO, sunk U.39 by (Walter Forstmann),

MERRIE ISLINGTON, trawler, Skipper J Marsham. Sunk U.9 (Johannes Spiess),

DON: Mined and sunk 7 lives lost.

CANDIDATE Sunk by U.20 (Walther Schweiger:)

CENTURION Sunk by U.20 (Walther Schweiger:)

Friday 7 May

SS Lusitania Torpedoed and sunk by U.20(Lt-Cdr Walther Schweiger) with the loss of 785 passengers including 124 US citizens

HMS MAORI, destroyer, F-class, 68 crew, Pennant No.H.16, 6th DF Dover Patrol, Lt-Cdr or Cdr Benjamin Barrow, Mined and sunk. crew got away in their boats, 7 officers and 87 ratings reached shore to become POW's

BENINGTON, trawler, sunk by U.39 (Walter Forstmann)

Saturday 8 May

HMT Limewold, armed trawler, Acting Skipper C Bond i/c, on patrol. Shell burst close to the bows at 0430, 20 miles E of Peterhead, submarine spotted one and half miles away right astern and closing fast, turned and returned fire, claimed hit on waterline abreast of conning tower with fifth shot when range down to 600yds, submarine submerge

HMC DON. Admiralty collier, Mr W Adron. Sunk

QUEEN WILHELMINA sunk by U.9 (Johannes Spiess):

HELLENIC hit mine and sunk 3 lives lost

Sunday 9 May

FANNY, tug, no further information, probably civilian vessel but crew included at least three ratings from armoured cruiser HMS Euryalus. Lost in accidental sinking; three ratings drowned, two of them buried at Ismailia, near Suez.

Thursday 13 May

HMS GOLIATH, battleship, Canopus-class, 750 crew, Pennant No.N.54, 8th BS Channel Fleet, Capt Thomas Shelford.Torpedoed and sunk; 505 lives lost - 20 officers including her Captain, 479 ratings and 4 canteen staff, 2 ratings DOW.

Saturday 15 May

HMT BERKSHIRE, Admiralty trawler, Skipper Herbert Percy Fleet RNR (wi - A Bland, Captain). In collision with armed yacht Valiant II, sank, no lives lost, crew rescued by armed trawler Alsatian.

Tuesday 18 May

DRUMCREE, sunk by submarine

Wednesday 19 May

DUMFRIES, torpedoed without warning and sunk by submarine, 2 lives lost.

Friday 21 May

GLENHOLM, captured by submarine, sunk by torpedo .

Saturday 22 May

HMS Rifleman, destroyer, H-class, 2nd DF Grand Fleet, Grounded in fog.

HMS Albion, battleship, Canopus-class, Ran aground off Gabe Tepe under close-range fire by Turkish shore batteries, one man killed and ten wounded,

Tuesday 25 May

HMS TRIUMPH, battleship, Swiftsure-class, 700 crew, torpedo and sunk 3 officers and 52 ratings lost

Wednesday 26 May

MORWENNA, captured by submarine, sunk by torpedo, 1 life lost

Thursday 27 May

HMS PRINCESS IRENE, minelayer .Commanding officer: Rn - Cdr T H M Maurice; Lost to internal explosion at least 358 lives lost - 30 officers, 210 crew, 5 ratings from Chatham base HMS Pembroke, 36 merchant seamen and more than 77 civilians in the dockyard including at least 70 dockyard workers - 21 skilled labourers, 44 shipwrights and 5 yard boys

HMT ROLULU, Admiralty trawler, ran aground no lives lost

HMS MAJESTIC, battleship, Majestic-class, 757 crew, Capt Henry Talbot, Torpedoed and sunk. 42 ratings and 2 canteen staff lost; 737 survivors).

CADEBY, captured by submarine, sunk by gunfire

Friday 28 May

SPENNYMOOR, Admiralty collier, Sunk by torpedo. 5 lives lost including master

ETHIOPE, captured by submarine, sunk by torpedo

TULLOCHMOOR, captured by submarine, sunk by gunfire

Saturday 29 May

DIXIANA, captured by submarine, sunk by torpedo

GLENLEE, captured by submarine, sunk by torpedo