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5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards

The Great War Battle Honours: Mons, le cateau, Marne, Messines 1914, Ypres 21914, 1915, Bellewaarde, Somme 1916, 1918, Cambrai 1917, 1918, Ameiens, and Mons.

5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) Dragoon Guards Raised in 1685 as the Duke of Shrewsbury's regiment of Horse, and in 1784 changed their name to 5th Dragoon Guards. Amalgamated with the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons in 1922 to become 5th Inniskilling Dragoons. Guards was added in 1927, and Royal added in 1935, creating the 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards.

Great War

The regiment remained on the Western Front throughout the First World War, serving as dismounted troops for all but a few weeks at the start and end of the conflict.


Vestigia nulla restorsum (Latin - We do not retreat.)